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We are also pleased to announce that MIDAS, a collaboration between the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) and CryptoBLK, has been awarded the Third Prize at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Fintech Initiative Award jointly organized by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau (SZ FRB).

Amidst fierce competition from over 70 Fintech applications showcased by prominent contestants, MIDAS is one of the three Fintech applications from Hong Kong to win the award, of which, the Faster Payment System (FPS) is one of them.


Introducing Atlas Elite

Atlas Elite is a single, simplified channel for all the companies’ open account trade finance needs. The web portals offer an at-a-glance overview of all open trade financing loans and connections across multiple trade parties.

  • For corporates, Atlas Elite brings significant operational and reconciliation efficiency to open trade processes by enabling quicker end-to-end turnaround.
  • For financiers, Atlas Elite offers opportunities to reduce risks and improves services as well as enjoys significant cost reduction through increased digitization in financing processing.

Learn more here.

Introducing Themis

We are excited to introduce Themis, a certificate management and verification blockchain system. Themis is a fast, simple and secure Blockchain platform, enabling organizations to issue digitized certificates for awarding their participants on their achievements and accomplishments. All certificates are digitally signed, recorded on the global Blockchain ledger for ensuring their immutability and authenticity.

Key features of Themis:

  • Escalate Your Program Value with Verifiable Digital Certificates
  • Customization of Certificates
  • An Intuitive Interface Embedded with Automatic Issuing Processes
  • Backed by Blockchain Technology
  • Seamless Integration to Your Existing System

Learn more here.


Sino-Singapore (Suzhou) Fintech Expo 2020


We are delighted to exhibit and speak on the Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo 2020during 16th – 18th, September, in Suzhou, China. We will showcase our latest open account trade finance solution ATLAS ELITE, and share insights on our cross-border payment and settlement projects (CBDCs). The Expo will consist of exhibitions to showcase the latest outcomes in the fintech sector, at least 12 theme forums where domestic and overseas financial and technical experts and professionals will share their views, and a fintech project competition organized by SIP authorities and a number of higher education institutions.

Learn more here.

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