ATLAS Alpha Network is Now Open for Registration!

Altas Alpha Network

We are delighted to announce that CryptoBLK together with our partner Microsoft will be launching ATLAS Alpha Network on 12 November 2019! The Alpha Network will let you learn about and experience ATLAS, a DLT-based supply chain solution focusing on open account trade finance applications.

Register your interest here.

The ATLAS Alpha Network is a four-week project (6-31 Jan) that gives you the guided tour of ATLAS and lets you experience this DLT-based open account trade finance solution. All participating parties, including buyers, sellers, banks, and financiers will interact with each other on ATLAS to simulate an end-to-end open account trade finance process. For more details about the trial, click here.

There will only be 100 participants, which exclusively operating their corresponding Corda nodes and ATLAS CorDapp throughout the entire trial. Therefore, please act now to register your interest here.


ATLAS – A DLT Trade Finance Hub

ATLAS global trial is now open for registration!


ATLAS is a DLT-based supply chain finance platform developed by CryptoBLK, eliminating digital silos and bringing together buyers, suppliers, and financiers on one trusted platform. It allows both financing institutions and corporates to streamline and digitize their trade and supply chain finance activities and solves industrial pain points such as fragmented and error-prone processes, compliance and audit risks and high finance gaps.

ATLAS is now available on Microsoft Azure which gives the highest level of security and reliability in the industry. By hosting ATLAS on Azure, CryptoBLK delivers an improved customer experience by providing a single infrastructure for banks and clients to manage their transactions — regardless of geolocation, type of transaction, and industry. ATLAS is built on Corda, which ensures that all counterparties involved can securely and seamlessly transact with each other in a distributed and digitally signed and authenticated manner.

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