Atlas Elite v2.0.0

AE v2.0.0 includes enhancments on Login and Password Management, User Settings and Management, Smart Agreement and SA drawdown.

Login and Password Management

Users are now able to reset/recover passwords and usernames through their registered email address (forget password/forget username).

User Settings

We have split an user’s display name into first name and last name and have developed a new layout of edit profile page. Functionalities include:

  • View my own user profile
  • Edit my own user profile
  • Change password

User management

New layouts for admin to manage users are added. Functionalities include:

  • Admin creates user
  • Admin deactivates user
  • Admin updates company profile

Smart Agreement

Users can now apply financing through an agreement with predefined credit limit in order to shorten transaction time. Functionalities include:

  • Create/Negotiate/Accept a smart agreement
  • Call-to-action (CTA) for smart agreement


When apply financing through a smart agreement, it is a “Drawdown”.

  • Select drawdown when applying for financing
  • Preview smart agreement when filling in terms for financing

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