Digital Asset Management: Evolution or Revolution?

18 April 2018

Given the continuous disruption in the financial services sector, Asia Asset Management (AAM) organised its inaugural digital asset management seminar on March 23 in Hong Kong, where industry experts gathered to share their views and thoughts on the subject.

Fintech and blockchain

At the first panel session, on A Future of Asset Management with Fintech and Blockchain, panellists discussed how fintech, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain can disrupt the asset management industry.

It was moderated by Li Cai, digital and innovation manager (Asia Pacific) at BNP Paribas Securities Services.

The panellists were Kristi Swartz, office managing director at Bryan Cave, a US-headquartered law firm; Duncan Wong, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Hong Kong-based CryptoBLK; Maggie Ng, CEO of FinEX Asia; Byron Chim, senior consultant at US-based consulting firm Mercer; and David Quah, co-managing director of the quantitative investment solutions team at Hong Kong’s Value Partners Group.

According to Mr. Wong, one of the changes the industry could experience as a result of the emergence of various fintech-related technologies is a shift in the talent pool, where companies “may need more IT programmers than fund managers”.

“Institutions can now vacate the entire floor of fund managers, and just have a basement full of developers,” he said.

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