MIDAS won the 3rd Prize of Fintech Initiative Award | MIDAS 榮奪深港金融科技創新獎三等獎

MIDAS won the 3rd Prize of Fintech Initiative Award

MIDAS achieves another significant landmark when our partner Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) wins the prestigious Fintech Initiative Award at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Fintech Initiative Award jointly organized by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau (SZ FRB).

MIDAS, aka Motor Insurance DLT-based Authentication System, a collaborated initiative between HKFI and CryptoBLK to tackle motor insurance fraud, is able to clinch one of the third prizes in the category thanks to the pioneering nature of its privacy protection and authentication service powered by blockchain technology.

Amidst fierce competition from 78 Fintech applications showcased by prominent contestants, MIDAS is one of the three Fintech applications from Hong Kong to win the award, which includes The Faster Payment System (FPS) by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL).

Since the launch of MIDAS in 2018, more and more insurers have embraced MIDAS and produce e-cover notes via the platform.

In addition to winning the Fintech Initiative Award, MIDAS also won the Gold Award from the Hong Kong ICT Award 2020, the Innovation of the Year Award from the Asia Insurance Award 2019 and the Technological Achievement Award from the Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2019.


About the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Fintech Initiative Award

Jointly organized every year by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the development of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Financial Services Office, the cross-border Award recognizes and rewards Fintech products and solutions developed by Hong Kong and Shenzhen-based financial institutions.


由香港金融管理局(HKMA)及深圳市地方金融監督管理局聯合策劃的「深港金融科技創新獎」,我們的合作夥伴香港保險業聯會(保聯)為 MIDAS (又稱「車保e-Check」)勇奪「金融科技專項獎三等獎」。這意味著 MIDAS 又跨越了一項極具意義的里程碑。

MIDAS 是應用區塊鏈技術的汽車保單驗證系統,由保聯和 CryptoBLK 聯合開發以解決汽車保單欺詐。MIDAS 基於區塊鏈技術兼具隱私保護和身份驗證的開拓性特點,為其獲得「金融科技專項獎三等獎」。

在 78 項 FinTech 應用程序的激烈競爭中,MIDAS 是獲此殊榮的香港三大金融技術應用程序之一,其中包括香港銀行同業結算有限公司的「快速支付系統」(「轉數快(FPS)」)。

自 2018 年推出 MIDAS 以來,越來越多的保險公司亦逐漸採用 MIDAS,並通過該平台製作電子臨時保單。

除了獲得金融科技獎之外,MIDAS 還獲得了 2020 年香港資訊及通訊科技獎(ICT Awards)金獎、2019 年亞洲保險獎的「年度創新獎(Innovation of the Year)」和 2019 年香港工商業獎「技術成就獎」。






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