Newsletter Issue 8: Cerberus webinar series

CryptoBLK has released a series of FREE webinars on how to use Cerberus to automate the monitoring and alerting of your enterprise DLT environment and healthiness.

Why Cerberus?
Cerberus is a professional monitoring and alerting tool offering advanced performance monitoring, instant alerting services for both enterprise and open-source blockchain/DLT systems. Targeting IT practitioners in banks and financial institutions and DLT companies, Cerberus is a cost-effective tool for real-time monitoring and alerting multiple blockchain applications and infrastructures.

Key features of Cerberus:

  • Real-time healthiness monitoring and alert of DLT nodes and infrastructures
  • Real-time healthiness monitoring and alert of critical DLT components, e.g. web servers, API gateways, database systems, etc.
  • DLT application Log Analysis and monitoring, e.g. flow status tracking, exceptions analysis
  • Real-time Certificate Monitoring – Single dashboard providing an overview of all certificates in a DLT cluster, and alert triggering before certificate expiration

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CryptoBLK x Microsoft Cerberus Webinar
June 18, 2020, Thursday
07:00-08:00 UTC / 15:00-16:00 Hong Kong Time
Language: Mandarin
Topic 1: How to integrate blockchain into industry ecosystem
Speaker: Tory Xu, Principal Technical Evangelist, OCP, Microsoft
Topic 2: Monitoring blockchain systems across different platforms and regions
Speaker: Andrew Hon, Founder and CTO, CryptoBLK

CryptoBLK x R3 Cerberus Webinar
July 28, 2020, Tuesday
09:00-10:00 UTC / 17:00-18:00 Hong Kong Time
Language: English
Topic 1: Financial blockchain use cases on Corda
Speaker: Doris Teo, Strategic Account Director, R3
Topic 2: Monitoring blockchain applications and infrastructures in production
Speaker: Andrew Hon, Founder and CTO, CryptoBLK

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