What The Fintech Video Interview with Our CEO Duncan Wong | What The Fintech 視頻採訪

This week What The Fintech has interviewed our CEO Duncan Wong who introduces the use cases in trade finance, CBDC, insurance, and how our flagship monitoring system helps ensure the healthiness of all these blockchain applications in CryptoBLK. Check out the insights from the video now!

我們很開心告訴大家,這一期的《What The Fintech》採訪了我們的首席執行官王世松(Duncan Wong)。Duncan 介紹了我們如何將區塊鏈科技應用在貿易金融、CBDC、保險中,以及我們的旗艦監控系統如何幫助確保我們所有的區塊鏈應用程序的系統健康。 立即查看視頻!

Video source 視頻來源:What The Fintech.

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