CryptoBLK Academy | 2 Minutes to learn what is Blockchain!

Welcome to the first educational video in our Block Academy series, Blockchain for dummies! 



Blockchain  = Bitcoin? Think again! This is a common misconception. Watch our video to start learning about the basics of blockchain technology! 


Blockchain is a chain consisting of blocks of information. and these blocks can store all kinds of information from your transaction history, dates, money, time, numbers, and all else.



The video covers the (1) introduction of blockchain, (2) three core features of blockchain, which are storage systems, and (3) hashed information. Watch it for 2 mins and it should give you an idea of this novel piece of technology. Don’t wait and check it out!



Here at CryptoBLK, we develop systems and software that use the many benefits and characteristics of blockchain to streamline processes across different industries. We work with enterprises of various scales, such as insurance companies, banks and more, to revolutionize business solutions.

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