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It is time again to reflect on the year that we have had. It is also that time of year when we can wind down for some much needed rest, and a chance to spend precious time with loved ones over the festive season. We’d like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to our customers, partners, and the wider community for all the support in the past year, and are excited to share more exciting news with you in the new year. Please take a moment to see a special end-of-year message from our Founder and CEO, Duncan Wong. 歲晚將至,又是反思過去的一年的時候。大家亦可以透過這個假期放鬆一下,與親友團聚互相恭賀。也及向合作夥伴、各界團體在過去一年中給予的支持表示衷心感謝,更期待在新一年與大家分享更多新的喜訊。以下是創始人兼首席執行官 Duncan Wong 的年終特別致辭。

A Message from Our CEO

2021 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. In this second year of enduring through the global pandemic, our daily lives – both personally and at a company level has adapted to this new found ‘normal’. Our once regular face-to-face meetings are no longer expected but nice to have and overseas travel has been put to a halt. Despite all these inconveniences, people are now more open to a full digital world. Fortunately, for CryptoBLK, this is exactly where our domain lies. We are embracing this change with a number of new products being launched in 2022.

Blockchain Reimagined.

Contour is still one of CryptoBLK’s key project, consistently delivering thoughtful design and engineering. During the second half of 2021, we initiated a new project that changes the way enterprise users interact with blockchain technology: a workflow that can integrate smoothly between industry, platform, and is blockchain agnostic. We believe that this is the future of enterprise blockchain and are excited to bring this to the community. Watch out for more information on “KENTRO” in the coming months.

Tokens, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

These three words have quickly become the top trending topic in 2021. As a frontier blockchain business, CryptoBLK has been approached by numerous companies wanting to explore more into this space. We feel that the general public is still very unclear as to what the possibilities are and how they can optimise from it. Our token team with industry experts will guide our customers through this journey. Our initial goal is to educate our audience with what tokens, NFTs and the metaverse potentials are, providing consultation, development opportunities and how to execute token projects.

 At CryptoBLK, we set our vision to reinvent the world by using blockchain and cryptography, and we will continue to bring the best technological advancements and solutions to our customers and collaborators in the next year and beyond. Last but not least, I wish you, your family members and loved ones a safe and prosperous year of the Tiger!

Duncan Wong
Founder, CEO, CryptoBLK

CEO 致辞

2021轉眼就過去了。在經歷全球疫情的第二年,我們的日常生活——不論是個人還是公司層面,都已經適應了這種新“常態”。我們不再定期舉行面對面會議,海外公幹也停止。儘管存在很多不便,但社會對數碼世界更加開放。幸運的是,對於CryptoBLK,這正是我們的領域所在。我們積極地迎接這變化,並將在 2022 年推出更多新產品。 


Contour 仍然是 CryptoBLK 的關鍵項目之一,持續提供周全的設計和工程。在 2021 年下半年,我們啟動了一個新項目,改變了企業用戶與區塊鏈技術交互的方式:一個可以在行業、平台之間無間斷溝通並且與不同區塊鏈連繫的工作流。我們相信這是企業區塊鏈的未來,並很高興將其帶入社區。請留意未來幾個月更多有關“KENTRO”的資訊。

加密代幣、NFT 和元宇宙。

這三個詞迅速成為 2021 年的熱門話題。作為尖端的區塊鏈業務公司,CryptoBLK 正與眾多希望進一步探索此領域的公司接洽。我們認為公眾對區塊鏈的可能性了解不夠深入,因此首要目標是讓客戶了解什麼是加密代幣、NFT 和元宇宙及它們的潛力。我們由行業專家組成的加密代幣團隊將指導我們的客戶 – 提供諮詢、發展機會以及如何執行加密代幣項目。


Duncan Wong
CryptoBLK 創始人兼首席執行官



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