A Message From Our CEO|CEO 致詞

A Message From Our CEO Duncan Wong

2020 has been a challenging year and our hearts go out to all those directly affected. At the holiday season, we would like to extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation to our customers, partners and the wider community for all the support throughout the year. Please take a moment to see a special end-of-year message from our Founder and CEO, Duncan Wong. 2020 年是充滿挑戰的一年,我們亦一直心系及關心所有受疫情影響的人。在節日期間,我們謹致以誠心地感謝我們的客戶、合作夥伴和整個社區這一整年的支持。接下來請花一點時間聆聽我們的創始人兼首席執行官王世松(Duncan Wong)的年末致辭。


A Message from Our CEO

About a year ago, at Hong Kong Science Park, the entire group of CryptoBLKers were busy packing, moving, and settling down in a new office.  At that time, everybody was so proud of the brand new sea-view office, which was much bigger and better equipped.

While we were all being charged up for pursuing the next level of our Blockchain dream, the world was gradually being drowned by a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting from February this year, we all had no choice but to confine ourselves at home, moving all our meetups to the Internet, and bringing all of our day-to-day conversations to “long-distance“ calls. Throughout the past 10 months, we gradually realized that the world has been changed profoundly, and we are now living in a ‘new normal’ that we all are learning to adapt and thrive in. It’s been tough both personally and at the corporate level. Having said that, we at CryptoBLK have also experienced such a very moment which let us grow our team, refine our products, and take lead in Blockchain technologies.

Contour continues to be one of the key projects and our team continues delivering world-class engineering work. With the thoughtful design from our trade finance product team and media team, genius codes and scripts developed by our engineering team, and unbeatable monitoring and support services provided by our technical operations team, the Contour team continue contributing as the backbone of the Contour network. In addition to this, our own trade finance brainchild, Atlas, has also quietly evolved into Atlas Elite, which is more unique and possesses more values and differentiators than CryptoBLK’s own product.

While trade finance is a multi-century old industry that we aim to innovate, we, at CryptoBLK, are also looking into ways to disrupt the current practice using Blockchain. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is arguably one of the most disruptive areas to the financial infrastructure in the world. In addition to natural applications of CBDC on trade finance, for example, cross-border payment, we believe that CBDC is bringing a leapfrog opportunity to countries and regions ahead of the status quo. With this vision in mind, we at CryptoBLK have officially established the CBDC Elite which sets its mission to developing advanced technologies for building practical and inter-operable CBDC infrastructures.

The Motor Insurance DLT-based Authentication System (MIDAS) continues excelling, and has scooped two prestigious awards in just the past few months, thanks to the tremendous dedication from our partner, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.

As the year 2020 is marching towards its end, we are looking forward to welcoming in 2021, which will no doubt be a new starting page for all of us. With hindsight, this pandemic has given us the opportunity to grow our team in the Asia Pacific region, now with offices in Hong Kong (the headquarter), Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Mainland China, to better serve our customers and collaborators.

At CryptoBLK, we set our vision to reinvent the world using Blockchain and cryptography, and we will continue bringing the best technological advancements and solutions to our customers and collaborators. Last but not the least, I wish you, your family members and loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Duncan Wong

Founder, CEO, CryptoBLK

CEO 致辞

大約一年前在香港科學園裡,整個 CryptoBLK 團隊都為新的辦公室忙著打包、搬遷以及安頓。記得當時的每個人都為全新的海景、寬廠而又設備齊全的新辦公室感到興奮和驕傲。

當我們所有人都在為我們的區塊鏈夢想打拼,努力使我們業務更上一層樓時,整個世界陷入了百年一遇的世紀病毒打擊之中。從 2 月開始,所有人都只能選擇在家中休息及工作,並不得不把所有會議及會面都遷移到網絡上進行,連日常對話都以“長途”電話的方式進行。這使得我們在過去的 10 個月都在慢慢學習如何適應這一“新常態”,因為我們逐漸意識到世界已經悄然改變。在這一年,無論在個人或是企業層面上,我們都經歷著嚴峻的考驗。樂觀地看來, 這次的挑戰使我們的團隊更快成長,產品也在大家的努力下更為完善,並引領著區塊鏈技術的發展。

康拓(Contour) 仍是 CryptoBLK 的重點項目之一,我們的團隊會繼續提供世界頂級的工程技術。我們的貿易融資產品團隊和設計團隊貼心周到的設計、工程團隊開發的一流代碼,以及技術營運團隊所提供無與倫比的監控和支持服務,使我們的 Contour 團隊繼續成為 Contour 網絡背後的骨幹力量。除此之外,屬於我們自己的貿易融資智力結晶 Atlas 也已悄然演變為 Atlas Elite。相比於 CryptoBLK 其他產品,Atlas Elite 更獨特及富含更高的價值。

貿易融資是一個橫跨多個世紀的老行業。在 CryptoBLK,我們致力於革新貿易融資,並一直探索如何以區塊鏈技術對既定的做法破舊立新。我們認為中央銀行數字貨幣(CBDC)或是推動世界金融基礎設施前進中最具潛力的突破口。除了在貿易融資方面的應用外,例如跨境支付,我們相信 CBDC  正為國家和地區帶來了跨越式的機會。秉承著這一願景,我們 CryptoBLK 正式創立了 CBDC Elite 團隊,使命是開發先進的技術從而開闢實用且可相互操作的 CBDC 基礎架構。

我們的區塊鏈汽車保險認證系統(MIDAS)持續出色的表現。在我們的合作夥伴香港保險業者聯會的努力下,MIDAS 在過去的幾個月內榮獲了兩個享負盛譽的獎項。

隨著 2020 年走向尾聲,我們越來越期待 2021 年的到來,因為新的一年將會成為每個人的新起點。這次疫情其實也為我們提供了更好的發展機會,讓我們在亞太地區發展我們的團隊。除了香港設立的總部以外,我們相繼在台灣、泰國、馬來西亞和中國大陸設立了分公司,以更好更全面地服務和支持我們的客戶和合作夥伴。

由成立的第一天,我們  CryptoBLK 的願景便是採用區塊鍊和加密技術去重塑整個世界。我們將繼續為我們的客戶和合作夥伴帶來最佳最完善的技術和解決方案。最後在此衷心祝愿您和您的家人聖誕快樂,新年快樂!


CryptoBLK 創始人和首席執行官

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