Atlas Elite v1.2.0

AE v1.2.0 includes a few of improvements on user experience and enhanced security. Email notifications on record updates are also added.

UX Improvements

We have made the Corporate portal sidebar responsive, fitting to different screen sizes.

Trade Package Status

On Corporate portal, we have consolidated the statuses of a trade package and its associated financing applications and payments into one column of the trade package list. This greatly enhances the usefulness of information displayed on the very first page after the user logs in.

Email Notifications

Three types of notifications are added:

  1. Actionable Items: Inform users on actions that have to be taken on the transaction.
  2. Milestones: Acknowledgement to user on successfully reaching a milestone/key progress point.
  3. Updates: Inform users on any updates to the transactions. Does not require any action from the user.

The emails are sent to all users within the relevant company now.

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