CryptoBLK and CargoX Partner to Advance Digitalisation of Global Trade and Supply Chains | Fintech Times

19 October 2020

CryptoBLK, an enterprise DLT/blockchain technology company, and CargoX, a company specialising in document transfer solutions, have partnered to streamline processes and accelerate digitalisation in global trade and supply chains by integrating two blockchain platforms, Atlas Elite, an open account trade finance solution and CargoX, a blockchain document transfer platform.

CargoX provides contactless, secure, fast, and cost-efficient original document transfer in supply chain and adjacent industries, such as trading, manufacturing, finance, energy, services, regulators, and governmental agencies. The platform lets companies avoid manually handling heaps of shipping and business paper documents. The CargoX platform is built atop the open, neutral Ethereum public blockchain.

Read more at The Fintech Times, here.


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