CryptoBLK January Highlights

As our attention turns to 2019, the team at CryptoBLK is excited to unveil the progress we are making in expanding our consortium Blockchain business and technology solutions for leading financial institutions across key industries such as banking and insurance.

January was a busy month for the leadership of CryptoBLK who attended global conferences and meetups for sharing knowledge and spreading messages on building viable and sustainable decentralized financial platforms based on DLT. Our CryptoBLKers were interviewed by leading financial news media, and also attending major events contributing on pushing DLT applications to the next stage of success.

6 Jan – Commercial Radio Sunday Morning Talk Show

Our CEO Duncan Wong was on air for the Ten Mad Scientists of a Sunday morning talk show at the Commercial Radio on January 6, and talked about CryptoBLK’s latest development related to DLT-based InsurTech and trade finance. Duncan gave a brief introduction to Blockchain, and introduced some of the major DLT applications that CryptoBLK has been working on. Some interesting insights regarding FinTech startups such as the talent acquisition have also been discussed.

Duncan Wong in the talk show @Commercial Radio


14 Jan – Asian Financial Forum

The CryptoBLK Chief Business Officer Lei Xiao and Business Development Manager Barton Chik, attended the 12th annual Asian Financial Forum (AFF), sharing CryptoBLK’s DLT innovations and developments with the potential collaborators and partners. The team had great interactions with the global financial and business community and had fascinating discussions such as consortium DLT innovation challenges faced, real-world examples of true Blockchain innovation and business models outlining the enormous amount of potential in our industry.

The 11th AFF attracted more than 3,300 participants from 46 countries and regions. This year more than 120 policymakers, financial and business leaders and investors examine hot topical issues in the global economy and explore new opportunities.

Barton Chik @AFF


16 Jan – HKSTP: 24 Hours in Science Park

CryptoBLK was thrilled to be involved in the 12-part series of the I&T documentary, 24 Hours in Science Park, which was co-hosted by HKSTP and Commercial Radio. Our CTO Andrew Hon was interviewed for the Episode 8 on January 16th, where he presented the challenges the team faced during the development of MIDAS, i.e. how to enable authentication while protecting the user privacy throughout the cutting-edge underlying DLT. The CryptoBLK episode will be on air in March, we are excited to keep the community updated.

24 Hours in Science Park aims to look back the park’s achievement in 2018, including sharing the park companies’ success stories and how they disrupt in the year ahead. The programme will appear on HKSTP’s social media every Wednesday for 12 weeks.

Andrew Hon in the interview @Commercial Radio


21 Jan – Exclusive Interview with Duncan Wong, HKEJ newspaper

Our CEO Duncan Wong gave an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) newspaper, offering an insight into the trade finance ecosystem being transformed by the consortium Blockchain technology.

Check it out the full HKEJ interview CryptoBLK lures bank giants to bring blockchain to trade finance.

Duncan Wong in the interview @HKEJ


25 Jan – MIDAS Briefing Session by HKFI 

The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKF) arranged a briefing session on the InsurTech Initiatives and invited CryptoBLK to introduce the MIDAS platform for the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB) and Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA). Together with HKFI’s Accident Insurance Association Chairman, Philip Kwan, our Business Development Manager Barton Chik explained the MIDAS features and demonstrated how it works in front of over 60 members from CIB and PIBA during the session. The Blockchain technology and the ease of usage of MIDAS had attracted the attention and received positive feedback from the attendees.

Barton Chik introduced MIDAS @Briefing held by HKFI


Upcoming events in Q1 2019

CryptoBLK is excited to meet the DLT and Fintech community and exchange the team’s application development and how DLT can transform the financial industry in the coming events:

7 March: CordaDay Singapore 2019, Singapore

27 March: InnoXchange, HKSTP, Hong Kong


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