CryptoBLK Wins Best Blockchain Team Award at the Global Fintech Venture Competition

We take immense pride in announcing that we have received the ‘Best Team Award’ at the Global Fintech Venture Competition Ceremony, organized by the TsingHua University PBCSF | IFR (清華大學金融科技研究院) and Beijing QingFen Institute for Neo Financial Research (北京清芬新金融研究院). This is a recognition of our effort and accomplishment in driving enterprises to adopt blockchain solutions.

The competition was organized in five cities: Shenzhen, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Suzhou. It has attracted more than 100 fintech companies to sign up for entrepreneurial projects, covering areas of blockchain technology of banking and finance, insurance, securities, and asset management, as well as compliance and regulation. 50 finalists were shortlisted for the final round of the competition.

The Award underscores CryptoBLK’s ability to service our clients holistically, and in a responsible and collaborative way.

Address cilents’ pain points collaboratively

We proactively address and solve clients’ pain points in driving blockchain implementation, while also boosting efficiency in the existing workflows.

Great adoption in the insurance and trade finance industry

With the launch of MIDAS and Atlas Elite, the first industry-wide blockchain solution address the importance of data validation and further promotes trust and transparency in the insurance and trade finance industry.

A Blockchain Network enabler

We will continue to act as an educator and a connector enabling enterprises to understand the power of blockchain and how they can leverage the decentralized ledger technology (DLT) to increase efficiency, trust and transact business in a secured network between multiple parties.

A big shout out to our team’s dedication and commitment to driving blockchain adoption.

For more information about the competition and a full list of each winner: Click Here
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