Revolutionize the Insurance Technology with MIDAS | 保險科技

The insurance industry is urging to bring the digital transformation to the next level in the light of users’ increased expectations, escalated competition environment, complex compliance requirements, more sophisticated fraudulent claim cases, fragmented data sources, and complicated liability assessments…

CryptoBLK & Snyk | Partnership for First-Class Security

Web3 has been a popular topic in recent years because of its growth potential, but it is not immune to security threats and, indeed, more novel security hacks emerge in the industry especially for decentralized applications (dApps). CryptoBLK has recently partnered with Snyk’s DevSecOps solution to detect security risks in real time. It has significantly sped up the process of identifying and evaluating vulnerabilities and enables development teams to fix them fast…

CryptoBLK Wins Best Blockchain Team Award at the Global Fintech Venture Competition

We take immense pride in announcing that we have received the ‘Best Team Award’ at the Global Fintech Venture Competition Ceremony, organized by the TsingHua University PBCSF | IFR (清華大學金融科技研究院) and Beijing QingFen Institute for Neo Financial Research (北京清芬新金融研究院). This is a recognition of our effort and accomplishment in driving enterprises to adopt blockchain solutions.