Revolutionize the Insurance Technology with MIDAS | 保險科技

The insurance industry is urging to bring the digital transformation to the next level in the light of users’ increased expectations, escalated competition environment, complex compliance requirements, more sophisticated fraudulent claim cases, fragmented data sources, and complicated liability assessments…

Finance in a Digital World: The Rise of Blockchain Technology

What started as a novel technology to kickstart an innovative decentralised way of anonymising monetary transactions has evolved into a growing technology of worldwide record-keeping systems. By revolutionising finance in a digital world, blockchain’s early uses revolved around the development of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency.

CryptoBLK Academy | 2 Minutes to learn what is Blockchain!

Welcome to the first educational video in our Block Academy series, Blockchain for dummies!

Watch our video to start learning about the basics of blockchain technology!

Blockchain is a chain consisting of blocks of information. and these blocks can store all kinds of information from your transaction history, dates, money, time, numbers, and all else…