Kentro Sign | Start Your e-Signing and Authentication Journey with Blockchain Technology

Let’s go digital with our blockchain-based e-Signing and authentication solution, Kentro Sign!


Our innovative features will provide you with a robust digital signing and authentication experience that makes every step easy for you. With an extremely user-friendly interface, you can swiftly transition to a hassle-free digital signing and authentication method.


Step 1: Registration

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Built within a private network, Kentro Sign ensures that only authorised network members have access to the application. Firstly, users can register an account on the Kentro Sign platform using their email addresses. Once registered, each account has permitted access to specified documents or they can upload and start their own document signing process. Each user upon registration is attached to a unique digital ID where they can be identified for any subsequent signing and authentication.  



Step 2: Document Request


To begin, users can create document requests by uploading documents onto the platform, either from a local drive or existing files derived from the Kentro network itself. All documents and transactions will be cryptographically hashed and stored on blockchain, thereby ensuring greater transparency, confidentiality, and authenticity. 
Step 3: Add Recipients
Next, users can add recipients who will also need to be registered users on the Kentro Sign platform. The document alerts their Kentro Sign portal and sends email alerts. Only involved parties will have access to the recorded transactions, preventing other irrelevant parties including the network operator from accessing this information.
Step 4: Set Roles and Permissions