CryptoBLK Activities in Q2 2018

Our management team at CryptoBLK has engaged ourselves in various workshops and seminars during April to June, with an aim of promoting the adaptation of blockchain technology among the community, as well as sharing our experiences learnt in various successful deployments.
12 April – Partner Success Series: An Asset Valuation & Management App by CryptoBLK
Followed our product launch at the CordaCon Tokyo in March, CryptoBLK co-organized a Corda meetup with R3, InvestHK and WeWork, to further explain our DLT-based asset valuation and management system – TOPAZ. At the meetup, Duncan revealed the technical details behind TOPAZ and shared our vision on Blockchain development.
Duncan Wong at R3 Meetup
17 April – Blockchain Application
Invited by the School of Cyber Engineering at Xidian University, China, Duncan delivered a talk in Xian and exchanged views on blockchain technologies and applications with the faculty members and students at Xiandian University.
Duncan Wong at Xidan University
20 April – Blockchain: Trend and Application
Together with Professor Wai Shun Lo, our Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Hon, spoke at a blockchain workshop organized by Shenzhen Finance Institute and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.
Andrew Hon at HKU Campus Entrepreneur Talk
23 April – Campus Entrepreneur Talk: Unleashing the possibility of Blockchain
Andrew also shared the potential of blockchain technologies and its applications at the campus entrepreneur talks organized by Hong Kong X Foundation.
Andrew Hon at Shenzhen Finance Institute
16 May – Huawei Strategy and Technology Workshop
Invited by Huawei Technologies Co., Limited, Duncan spoke at the security track of Huawei’s Strategy and Technology Workshops. During the workshop, Duncan shared his thoughts on the security and privacy architecture, as well as challenges for Blockchain applications with the Huawei’s management team.

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