CryptoBLK Attends at GTR Asia 2019 Singapore

Congratulations to GTR on its 10th anniversary in Singapore! This year, CryptoBLK’s CEO Dr. Duncan Wong joined with TradeIX/Marco Polo’s David Sutter, Incomlend’s Dimitri Kouchnirenko, Forcefield’s Mark Bradley, and Tinubu Square’s Jérôme Pezé, and made an interesting breakout session: Breaking down blockchain silos.

GTR Asia 2019 Day 1 - 282

Recognized as the world’s largest trade finance conference, GTR’s annual event in Singapore brought almost 1400 participants from local and international banks to multinational corporations, and SMEs, trades, insurers, risk managers, independent financiers, and more.


2019 Media coverage:

Top takeaways from GTR Asia 2019

GTR Asia 2019 – This year’s report card


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