CryptoBLK Launched an Internship Program to Nurture Global Blockchain Talents

A student from University of California, Berkeley has been selected to join the Blockchain Internship Program at CryptoBLK this summer, and more students from world-renowned universities are to be onboard as well.

Students in this internship will undergo an intensive 7-week program that combines mentorship, fieldworks and individual programming projects. The on-the-job training exposes the students to real-work environment and problems, and helps them equip with solid and practical experiences in Blockchain development.

“The program is designed to nurture more talents in Blockchain and for the FinTech industry at large. It also facilitates the company’s global expansion roadmap in America, APAC and EMEA,” Duncan Wong, CEO of CryptoBLK shared, “We look forward to expanding the internship program with other prominent universities around the globe.”

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