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Insurance Technology

The insurance industry is urging to bring the digital transformation to the next level in the light of users’ increased expectations, escalated competition environment, complex compliance requirements, more sophisticated fraudulent claim cases, fragmented data sources, and complicated liability assessments. Thanks to Distributed Ledger Technology’s (DLT) “system of truth” property, by applying DLT to various insurance applications, we are able to support secure data recording, streamlined workflows, and enhanced privacy assurance.

Accelerating motor insurance digitization across the value chain 

CryptoBLK, together with the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI), has released an industry-wide motor insurance authentication system that harnesses DLT to ensure the authenticity of motor insurance documents and fight against fraudulent cases. 

As MIDAS’s motor insurance authentication solution moves into production, CryptoBLK targets to go further and deeper, with an aim to provision the digitization of documents for the insurance industry. CryptoBLK is exploring the opportunity to digitize policy documents from document generation, sharing to authentication, all carried out and supported on one single trusted DLT platform. This gives high efficiency, security and trust to insurers, policyholders and government departments with just a few clicks to complete the entire verification process. 


保险业正面临客户期望值的提高、竞争环境的升级、合规要求的复杂性、欺诈性索 赔案件的增升、数据源的零散性以及责任评估的复杂性,迫切需要进行数字化转 型。基于分布式账本技术的“真实系统”属性,我们将区块链技术运用于各种保险的 应用,可提高数据记录的安全性、简化工作流程,及增强隐私保证。 

香港保联与 CryptoBLK 推动⻋险数字化进程

香港区块科技有限公司 (CryptoBLK) 与香港保险业联会共同发布了亚洲首个行业范围的汽⻋保险认证系统(MIDAS), 该系统利用分布式账本技术来确保汽⻋保险文件的真实性并打击欺诈案件。

随着 MIDAS 汽⻋保险认证解决方案投入生产,CryptoBLK 致力为保险业提供更深入、更广泛的保单数字化解决方案。 CryptoBLK 正对平台的应用进行更深入的探索,目标是使整个保单数字化流程包括从保单文档的建立、共享到用户的身份验 证,都可在一个可信任的分布式账本技术平台上执行,为保险公司、保单持有人和政府部⻔提供了高效、安全和信任的环 境。




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