Microsoft Reveals “Tech Intensity” Vision to Ramp up Hong Kong Businesses to New Levels of Growth and Competitiveness

10 September 2019

Microsoft today unveiled its vision of “tech intensity” in Hong Kong, empowering local businesses to reach the next level of growth, competitiveness and sustained success in the fast-changing digital era. “Tech intensity” refers to the need to accelerate adoption of best-in-class technology to a faster pace, but equally important is the need to build up a company’s own unique digital capabilities.

“In today’s rapidly changing and uncertain times, best-in-class businesses must go further than ever before to reach new levels of agility, responsiveness and innovation to ensure future success,” said Cally Chan, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau. “Tech intensity requires not only greater and faster investment into technologies like AI, cloud and big data but also to build the infrastructure of talent, systems and institutional knowledge to bring these technologies to life.”

Microsoft has expressed the vision in the form of an equation – “Tech Intensity = (Tech Adoption + Tech Capability) ^ Trust”. The adoption and building of technology must be founded on trust, both trust in technology and trust between partner business models so that they align to succeed. As a global leader in AI, cloud and big data Microsoft is committed to empowering Hong Kong businesses to solve this equation for future success.

The vision was announced at the annual Microsoft Hong Kong Summit as the company celebrates its 28th year in Hong Kong. At the event, Microsoft showcased Hong Kong businesses who are forging ahead in the digital transformation race and introduced a range of AI solutions and other edge-cutting technologies to address critical business needs and help individuals enhance their capabilities.

“AI is an absolutely critical foundation for Hong Kong businesses as they seek to thrive in this digital era. Through the annual Microsoft Hong Kong Summit and our vision in driving Tech Intensity in the city, we are empowering local businesses and our partners to grow and succeed amid global economic and societal changes,” said Chan.

Scaling up Partners to Go Global

Microsoft has been at the forefront of empowering both small and large businesses to build their own digital capabilities to further raise “tech intensity” level to better serve customers, increase efficiency and optimize operations. This allows local businesses to rapidly build innovative digital solutions and capture opportunities. Microsoft announced strategic partnerships with KBQuest, Fano Labs and CryptoBLK to take their innovative solutions global through co-sell and go-to-market support of its global network.

“CryptoBLK is pleased to partner with Microsoft and takes the Blockchain and DLT innovations global through joint go-to-market with Microsoft,” said Dr. Duncan Wong, CEO of CryptoBLK. “We take pride in sharing our open account and supply chain finance solution ATLAS, at the Microsoft Hong Kong Summit 2019. CryptoBLK is enjoying the boost in deploying and running the ATLAS platform from Microsoft Azure, which provides better productivity, higher efficiency, and greater security for our customers.”

Dr. Duncan Wong at Microsoft Partnership MOU Signing Ceremony
Dr. Duncan Wong at Microsoft Partnership MOU Signing Ceremony


Dr Duncan Wong present ATLAS at the Microsoft Hong Kong Summit
Dr. Duncan Wong presents ATLAS at the Microsoft Hong Kong Summit


“Our mission, as always, is to help our partners achieve more by supporting them to innovate, grow and succeed in the era of digital transformation. It is inspiring to see our technologies already powering many unique and powerful innovations of local businesses and startups. We are confident that by connecting these partners with our global network, our local partners will flourish in Hong Kong and beyond,” said Serena Cheung, Director, One Commercial Partner and Small, Medium & Corporate Customers at Microsoft Hong Kong.


Read more at Microsoft, here.

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