MIDAS picks Microsoft Azure | MIDAS 選擇 Microsoft Azure

MIDAS, a collaborative effort between the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) and CryptoBLK, an enterprise DLT/blockchain technology company, has completed the infrastructure upgrade to Microsoft Azure to cope with business demand with wider coverage and greater compliance control.

The migration is a critical part of ongoing partnership between CryptoBLK and Microsoft in offering MIDAS with highly secure, agile and scalable Azure network for our customers worldwide. The Azure infrastructure, consisting of 54 regions and available in 140 countries, covers global regions than any other cloud provider. The wider global coverage brings MIDAS closer to users around the world, allowing users with specific data-residency and compliance needs.

Built to fight against motor insurance fraud, MIDAS allows multi-stakeholders, including car owners, insurers, intermediaries, regulator, government agency, and law enforcement body to exchange data with predetermined algorithms that ensure fraud being detected objectively. Running on R3 Corda, the immutable ledger creates a clear audit trail of insurance documents, offering better predicted fraudulent activities. Moreover, with CryptoBLK’s unique cryptography technique, no Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is stored on the MIDAS network.

MIDAS is Asia’s first industry-wide blockchain solution to authenticate motor insurance policy, revolutionizing the way to combat fraud, also, representing a major milestone in the digitization efforts of the Hong Kong insurance industry.



香港保险业联会(「保联」)与企业 DLT  / 区块链技术公司 CryptoBLK 联合开发的汽车保险认证系统 MIDAS 现已迁移至   Microsoft Azure 云端平台,更新后的基础架构可提供更广泛的覆盖范围及更好的合规控制来满足业务需求。 CryptoBLK 将 MIDAS 迁移至 Microsoft 的 Azure 云端平台,可为全球客户提供高度安全、敏捷和可扩展的网络,同时也是公司与  Microsoft 策略性合作伙伴关系中关键的一步。

Azure 覆盖区域比任何云端供应商都广,涵盖54个区域并在140个国家和地区提供服务。更广泛的全球覆盖区域使 MIDAS 更好的满足用户的需求,包括用户特定的数据驻留和不同国家地区的云端合规性要求。 MIDAS 允许包括车主、保险公司、中介机构、监管机构、政府机构及执法机构等多方参与者,透过针对欺诈行为而设的预定算法交换数据,解决汽车保险欺诈。 MIDAS 系统在 R3 Corda 区块链上运作,以不可逆转的方式创建清晰的保险单审计记录预测欺诈活动。此外,借助 CryptoBLK 独特的加密技术, MIDAS 的网络上并不会存储任何个人身份信息(PII)。

MIDAS 是亚洲首个行业级使区块链以验证汽车保单的解决方案,彻底打击欺诈行为,也是香港保险业数字转型的重要里程碑。



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