Newsletter Issue 7: Monitor your blockchain business from cyberattacks during COVID-19 outbreak



In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies to control the spread of the virus, and cybersecurity becomes a growing issue. How to monitor your blockchain business from cyberattacks and keep your system running well during the outbreak? With Cerberus, we help you monitor your blockchain environment and healthiness in 24×7 when you shift to remote work.

Key features of Cerberus:

  • Real-time healthiness monitoring and alert of DLT nodes and infrastructures
  • Real-time healthiness monitoring and alert of critical DLT components, e.g. web servers, API gateways, database systems, etc.
  • DLT application Log Analysis and monitoring, e.g. flow status tracking, exceptions analysis
  • Real-time Certificate Monitoring – Single dashboard providing an overview of all certificates in a DLT cluster, and alert triggering before certificate expiration

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HKSTP Virtual Career Expo

hkstp virtual expo

We had a blast at Hong Kong’s first and largest Virtual Career Expo hosted by Hong Kong Science Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). In the past week, we received over 100 CVs from both fresh graduates and professionals who are interested in working in the Blockchain space. Dr KC Tsui, COO of CryptoBLK, also shared his insights for a successful interview during a webinar session. Check out the work culture at CryptoBLK from HK01 interview here.


In the News

  • Accenture Insurance: Hong Kong, Thai central banks closer to using digital currencies for cross-border payments
  • OpenGov: HK govt tech lab releases DLT insurance solution
  • Ledger Insights: Citi joins HSBC, StanChart backed Contour trade finance blockchain
  • The Straits Times: Hong Kong Science Park Virtual Career Expo is going viral
  • DigFinContour aims to breathe new life into letters of credit
  • HK01:【Hello,未來你好!】初創多元共融 科學園吸引全球逾萬人求職


Join Us!  

Want to change the world in the Blockchain space? We are looking for talented individuals to re-architect the way the world economy operates, who are based in, or are willing to relocate to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia or Bangkok.  Check out our job openings here.

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