A Versatile DLT Monitoring and Alerting Tool

The explosive growth of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or Blockchain platforms and applications require a new monitoring paradigm to ensure that the performance of critical Blockchain components is running optimally at all times. Built by DevOps, CryptoBLK is proudly presenting a cross-application and cross-infrastructure DLT monitoring and alerting tool called Cerberus. This tool provides real-time healthiness scanning and alerting for consortium Blockchain platforms such as trade finance, CBDC, asset valuation and management, logistics, insurance, and more, that are deployed in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

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Cerberus Core Features

Core Infrastructure DLT Monitoring Sand Alerting

Cerberus serves 24x7 real-time healthiness monitoring and alerting on various consortium DLT infrastructures such as R3 Corda and Hyperledger Fabric, offering advanced performance monitoring and instant alerting services for both enterprise and open source Blockchain infrastructures.

Cerberus carries out real-time monitoring and alerting simultaneously for a variety of DLT applications including trade finance, supply chain, CBDC, insurance, and more. You can easily keep track on the performance of all your Blockchain platforms by simply switching to different data sources.

Cerberus simplifies the certificate expiration and renewal inspection and management across various consortium applications. With fully functional certificate management capabilities, Cerberus enables you to get access to an overview of all certificates in the DLT cluster and keep a pulse on certificate renewal before it gets expired.

Cerberus’ automated performance monitoring is equipped to serve 24x7 non-stop scanning, providing a 360° supervision of your DLT platform, including

  • DLT nodes and infrastructures, such as Database connectivity and RPC connectivity;
  • DLT components, such as flow counts, web servers, API gateways, database systems, and more;
  • DLT operating systems such as CPU, memory load, JVM metrics, flow rate, and critical system log, etc.

More Features

With intuitive design supporting multiple data sources, Cerberus’ bird’s-eye view dashboard enables you to visualize data as well as drill down to specific metrics including

  • DLT project details (from development to prototypes and productions);
  • API and DLT-related critical components;
  • Clustered DLT node details;
  • System logs, and more.

Cerberus offers real-time DLT application log browser dashboard for all nodes and components, enabling fine-grained searching such as filtering, keywords, regular expressions (regex), and so on.

Moreover, by injecting some particular log pattern to application code, the smart searching capability will trigger alerts when spotting errors or executing certain commands, such as certificates due to expiration.

Cerberus is a high-performance analytics engine allowing you to detect, investigate and analyze your DLT data such as flow status tracking, exceptions analysis, etc. It also helps drill down some particular logs and assist you to reach diagnosis results quickly and effectively.

Customizable alerts are available too. By setting up alerting rules, you can get instant notifications and alerts through Phone Calls, SMS notifications, and Emails.

Cerberus provides DLT node connectivity status information across the entire DLT cluster with all the information you need to keep your DLT network optimized.

Cerberus includes task tracing, letting you assess the status of individual tasks at various levels and spot errors instantly.

Cerberus opens up with the API interface for facilitating the integration with other parts of your systems and streamlining your software development.

Trusted Engine

By including Cerberus to your DLT platforms, you can automate the monitoring and alerting for your Blockchain performance. Cerberus has been used in several consortium DLT projects monitoring over 200 nodes including Voltron, a global Letter-of-Credit trade finance platform founded by 8 global banks, Inthanon, a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project led by the Bank of Thailand with 8 participating banks, and MIDAS, a motor insurance authentication system serving all Hong Kong auto insurers, and much more.

trusted engine

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