The Use Cases of Atlas Elite | Open Account Trade Finance DLT Platform

Market Landscape

In today’s trade finance landscape, there seems to be a persistent global gap in the demand for trade finance and the actual trades that are being financed. This can be attributed to the fact that many financiers are hesitant to provide financing solutions because of the unclear financial requirements provided by the applicants. On top of the financing gap, the complex and disparate nature of the trade finance ecosystem has greatly reduced the data visibility for financiers – a major concern for them today.

It can also be very challenging and time-consuming for corporates to seek financing for their working capital needs. Due to the different areas of expertise, international corporations tend to have multiple financing programmes with several financiers. Managing and monitoring their financing activities on the different systems has become more tedious and burdensome for the corporates.


Atlas Elite as the Solution

Atlas Elite is an open account trade finance DLT platform that supports trade finance solutions, such as receivables and payables financing, allowing financiers and corporates to connect with its clients with whom they have previously established a relationship. Based on a trusted network, the platform also provides ease of connection with various parties involved in the trade (e.g., counter-parties, logistics providers, freight forwarders).


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